Upcoming Children’s and Family Events

Family Yoga  on Sunday, Feb. 25th   1 – 2 pm 

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Family Yoga is for children 8 or older with an adult or older sibling/friend (parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, etc.) This practice is designed to be accessible and fun for everyone. Come together to bend, stretch, move and have fun!

Price is $25 per pair

$35 for 3 people; $45 for 4 people

*Pre-registration required for all classes; register adult only

All classes to be held at

 Pause Yoga Studio, 36 Main St. 2nd floor, Amesbury, MA

To register for any of the above classes, please go to:



School Vacation Art Camp with Yoga                       at  Colorful Kids in Amesbury


Looking for a fun camp for your kids during  February and April vacations?

At Colorful Kids Art Camp
your child will:

  • Have tons of fun creating many projects using a variety of art mediums!
  • Work with others to create a character for a skit that will be performed for family and friends!
  • Participate in two children’s yoga classes!
  • Enjoy fun games and movement each day! 

Stay tuned for details


Space is limited.  Please register through Colorful Kids

Contact Renee Schneider to sign up
Colorful Kids

Email:  rd2fly@comcast.net

website:  www.reneeschneiderart.com


Yoga for Everyone!