Background of Harmony Yoga

Paula Wilson, founder of Harmony Yoga, has studied yoga since the early 1990’s and became serious about it and decided to become a yoga instructor in 2004. She studied Ashtanga Yoga (vinyasa – flowing yoga) with Mary Hart at Iron Crow Yoga in Hamilton, MA. Mary has been an instructor for over 25 years and has studied with many well known yoga instructors throughout the years. She has a strong influence in Anusara Yoga, in which the primary focus is on proper body alignment. This system combines a strong physical practice with deep spiritual understanding. The physical practice in Anusara Yoga brings you to optimal body alignment, but recognizes that yoga is not really about the final pose; it is about the transformation you go through to get there. It all comes together in an exploration and celebration of who you truly are. Paula has also studied with several Anusara Instructors as well, including Todd Norian, Ann Green and Desiree Rumbagh. She is continually striving to improve her own yoga practice through attending workshops, reading and researching yoga, in order to help her students improve their yoga practice.

She previously taught yoga in a few locations in Newburyport, and currently teaches at the Merrimac Library in Merrimac, MA and Pause Yoga Studio in Amesbury, as well as Crest Collaborative School in Methuen, MA.  She also fills in for classes at the YWCA in Newburyport.  Paula thoroughly enjoys teaching yoga and has found that it is the one form of exercise that she’s been able to do throughout several injuries she’s had over the years. She has also realized that yoga works the entire body, not just focusing on one area at a time. She has done various forms of exercise in previous years, including aerobics and weight training and found that she has gotten much better results with yoga.

Students will enjoy taking yoga at the library, as it is a beautiful, comfortable space for yoga classes. Paula works with all of her students and takes their injuries or flexibility issues into consideration while instructing classes. She provides individual instruction to all her students and realizes that everyone is at different levels within their practice and have different levels of flexibility and balance.

Modifications can be made for anyone.

Yoga for Everyone!